About Us

With the constant evolution of technology, the information exchanged or disseminated in dispersed IT environment has implications of being exposed to various security threats on organizations technology, processes and people. Any security breaches to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal accountabilities, and reduced productivity with brand attrition. Newbie provides business aligned security services to create and strengthen the security posture for organizations. 

Newbie is an Information Security Consulting services firm, providing specialized network security and Information security services. We are motivated to provide our customers with specially tailored services providing protection against external as well as internal threats and reduce business risk to improve security posture, achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency.

We follow a unique methodology that is a result of our expertise, experience and a blend of internationally accepted and acclaimed industry standards. Our goal is to provide security in totality, which ensures that every possible facet of an information threat is covered during our engagement. We endeavor to maintain and create a sense of reliability with our clients to establish a long time relationship and continue to cater to their future security needs.

Every project activity is treated as a challenge and we constantly strive to outdo ourselves for the best possible solution.